Geothermal Heating

Our main focus is to install residential geothermal heating systems. We have long seen and realized the amazing benefits of Geothermal Heating, and want to see every home in North Carolina with a geothermal heating system. Learn More

Geothermal Ground Loops

Another service that we offer is the installation of Geothermal Loop Fields. This service is primarily aimed towards existing builders and heating contractors. With our combined experience with the installation, flushing and commissioning of geothermal ground loops, you can be sure that your new geothermal installation will go as smoothly as possible. Learn More

Geothermal Conductivity Testing

Geothermal Conductivity testing is an extremely important part of the installation of any Vertical Geothermal Ground Loop. The process consists of drilling one ‘sample’ vertical loop, then seeing how well the hole is able to conduct heat. This will completely determine the amount of vertical bore holes that are needed for the project. An accurate conductivity test can mean the difference of many thousands of dollars of installation cost on a project. Learn More

Radiant Heat

Radiant Heating is becoming more and more popular as a heating method here in the United States. The heat is more comfortable, more evenly distributed, and the system is very unobtrusive as well as extremely efficient.  If you are considering radiant heat for your next project, please give us a call to learn more about it. Learn More